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by Elsa Hewitt

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Catvision 05:00
it's hard to be me but it's harder to be anyone else anyone else sometimes you only need a seed sometimes you only need to sleep sometimes you only need to breathe sometimes you only need to be in the shoes of someone else anyone else
After Party 03:58
solid walls and underwater doors each room different to the last changing focus high energies searching silence in strange places what makes me who i am? only the laws of the universe why can't i start living the way that i always meant to?
and the roots keep it upright faded golden tinge navigate by the stars flap to keep warm and the roots keep it upright i use music to emote because otherwise i just don't everyone's got their doubts about everything toutes les choses qui se sont pasées lorsque ses parents n'étaient pas présents so seemingly so unprofessional if i changed it it wouldn't be the same i smile and try to show my love because who knows how long i've got with him who knows how long i've got with anyone i know not how long i've got collapsed from potassium poisoning on the way to his own gig by my words i will be outlived the things that you don't notice in yourself are often the most charming... another day another picture of your face
no awareness of your weirdness no awareness of your wellness things you learn the hard way they can never be unlearnt worship only the sun until your sunburnt i'm trying not to be rigid and understand we are all different we struggle with this resistance to just accept the other feeling this anxious angle making my insides mangle but hope springs eternal but there is hope re-emerging re-emerging
Temple 03:04
Emo Book 02:33
she can't get used to the awkward way they treat you it seems like we have disconnected hello again my old friend reunited till the end powerless fun i like what i've been given: waves of distortion apocalyptic dreamland neon lights on distant structures everything is falling crumbling sleeping in has never felt so needed and wrong forgive yourself it's no surprise it's hard to feel alright sometimes in a beach hut listening to old blues and letting go of thoughts i overabuse
on the canvas is a line weird stains all down the side always have to be different... slaves to perfection... complex beautiful structures emerging even villains are getting half-hearted bags of flesh and fashion tumbling through space silliness never did anyone harm neither did being brave true or calm another brutal tuesday more electronic endorphins floating on media and anti-imperfection feeling boxed-in with no sense of direction today i don't wanna read today i wanna write i used to be tiny but now i'm just small i used to feel lonely but now i've got myself on my side i feel like i'm tight-rope walking with no clue where the wire will end no clue if there even is safety what even is security? i feel like i'm melting drooping down below my feet meltdown pain where is me i just need time and energy i used to be tiny but now i'm just small i used to feel lonely but now i've got myself on my side
KXRM 00:46


Also available on CD with Becoming Real Trilogy box set: elsahewitt.bandcamp.com/merch

Part 2 of 3
Part 1: elsahewitt.bandcamp.com/album/cameras-from-mars-4
Part 3: elsahewitt.bandcamp.com/album/peng-variations

Elsa Hewitt presents DUM SPIRO SPERO, Part II in the album trilogy of 2017. ‘Breathing SpaceX’ and ‘Tantrum’ are two tantalizing precursors to set the scene. After the fractured and dreamlike Cameras From Mars earlier this year, DUM SPIRO SPERO clearly asserts the second phase, with a more earthy and confident overtone. This record is layered with the careful intricacy of a French patisserie, decorated by verses of empathetic and honest prose. Whilst developing some luxuriously sinister elements, the album also offers the delights of many audacious and experimental twists, such as unusual time signatures, dramatic re-pitching and unconventional uses of texture and field recordings.

Among the many characteristics of Elsa Hewitt’s sophomore album is the enjoyable balance between the dark and the dopey: The sonic tapestries conjure cinematic scenes of apocalypse and doom, all the while retaining a forward-thinking playfulness.
Much like a film, the listener is taken on an abstract journey that ends somewhere far from where it began.


released July 14, 2017

Written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Elsa Hewitt.
Mastered at Barley Audio.
Funded by PRS Foundation and HMUK.


all rights reserved



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