Hotel Rosemary

by Elsa Hewitt

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This is Elsa Hewitt's first predominantly electronic album. Most of the tracks were written with a freshly acquired synthesizer, during a solitary summer holiday before leaving to live in the south of France for a year. All the final vocals were recorded in one day after a night of no sleep, which made the performances all the more delicate and emotion-fuelled.


released September 9, 2013

All songs written, performed and arranged by Elsa Hewitt.
Recorded, engineered and mastered by Chris Fenwick.
Produced by Chris Fenwick and Elsa Hewitt.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Bring Back The Dream
He sold it to make back the time he lost.
Heart-broken by how hard it turned out to be.
He remembers back when the dream was young and clean,
oh bring back the dream.
He lost it back when he started working harder.
Outnumbered, by all the fakes and non-believers.
He wonders at what point the goal became a game.
He can't help feeling small.
He can't help
feeling small.
Track Name: Car Window
She sings from the bottom of her heart,
she speaks from the bottom of a well.
These dreams to come out of her shell
now seem so tasteless and unwise.
So far the others had more fun,
so what, she got a lot more done...
While this creature was getting dressed,
she listened to somebody's EP
and she was moved,
and its mood influenced the colours that she wore that day.

Old flames will never understand
why they could never get the lid off,
these hands have never had such patience,
my friends have never been so far.
Dismount this wretched state of mind,
rewind and reword every line.
In every car window she passed
she caught a glimpse and said
"I have a pen, and a plan, and it's all I need"

And I conclude, don't ignore the disquiet that came before.
Track Name: Temporary Intensity
Even though I watch you from the window,
in the end I don't know what you're doing.
Then again, you speak of how you're feeling,
and I pretend to know what that means...
It takes time to break the ice, and forget yourself.

It just, just ain't clear...

He's a beast, you know he will not save you.
Little girl, your life is an illusion.
He found her wilting hand and dug her out of the sand.
You feel pleased and complete in this suspension
of any normality,
you're losing the will to conform.

Intensity, intensity, taking over me.

Looking back I see that I was lost,
lost inside the craziest of dreams.
Descend from the room
to the garden of fools.
C'est vrai que je me trompais tout au long,
genée d'avoir affaibli mon esprit.
Mon corps restait calme,
mais le mystère de son drame
hypnotisait mon âme.
Track Name: Physical Education
I walked with you to the house at the bottom of the hill.
I wondered if you knew that my heart was reaching out for you.
Maybe my mind, my soul, or the magnetic fields from my brain
were reaching to yours,
completely hammered,

But I don't know if I'm awake.

I don't really know how you live your life,
so I won't tell you how to live your life.
Track Name: Camera Shy
From the pub to the next day, no-one felt the need to say
"your t-shirt's on the wrong way, and inside out"
I feel like a frail bird that fell off a swing and broke its wing,
"the stupid human metal thing that they use to feel like they're flying"

Tear yourself away...

Walking down the street, feeling incomplete.
The girl who walks ahead of me looks enviably cool,
I'd go so far as to say the best thing that I've seen all day,
cos it made me lose my train of thought,
at last.

Tear yourself away...

Put away your camera my friend,
of this day I do not want a document,
just an end.
Track Name: Shorts Weather
With crayon shoes and spray-on hair, they sauntered out, seduced by summer air.
"So you were right, and i were wrong, it really is shorts weather."
Emotions were riding high, childish anguish and love in the air,
despite the summer holiday syndrome,
despite the bottomless overdraft,
she couldn't stand to be around ego-centric sarcasm.
Then there were three.
She left them these words...

"I can't escape,
I can't escape the race"

Girl you look so different without any of that make up on,
he'd never seen, he'd never known,
so he put the picture up on the wall.
He looked her in her longing eyes,
in which he did epitomize
the tenuous
and treacherous
need for a sense of purpose.
And suddenly he could appreciate the value of her love.

Because he can't escape,
he can't escape the race.

They went round her house when the party was over,
she was there on the sofa, attractively sober.
"Tell him from me, I don't want to be a chivalrous bitch,
'cos that ain't my thing. And tell him to stop distancing me,
'cos he is the only escape for me."
Track Name: Throughy
The truth is bleeding from your eyes,
and trickles down into your mouth.
And you taste the sweet surprise
that you've got all the things you need
in your hands and your head.
In your hands and in your head.

We're not built to last. No.
I want a body that's been lived in
when I'm through.

I caught a glimpse of all of this,
and breathed back out a reborn dream
in your face,
there are streetlights finally
and I can see where I am heading,
but I no longer care,
I no longer care.

We're not built to last,
No, I want a body that's been lifted,
when I'm through.

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